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Jess Beer Jeffries creates intuitive abstract paintings from her home studio in Western Maine. Drawing inspiration from nature, Jess's work evokes a sense of curiosity and emotion through the use of color and abstract form.


Her work can be found within curated gallery spaces throughout New England, as well as within both public and private collections throughout the country. 

Earthly .jpg

Below is a list of galleries that Jess is currently working with to display her work. 

For an up-to-date list of available work, please either contact Jess or the gallery directly.

Currently on view...

Nahcotta Gallery
110 Congress Street,
Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801

Panic Switch.jpg
Dive right in.jpg
Punch Drunk.jpg

On view March 2024 - March 2025

Dryden Gallery
1350 Minder Spring Ave
Providence, Rhode Island


On view April 6 - June 15 2024

Please contact Dryden Gallery for an up-to-date price list of available work

Curated by Liz Kelley, the show features the works of New England-based artists Jessica Jeffries, Elissa Lincoln, and Susan Allen.

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